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Cinegriot - Griot Groove inc., "Production Department" which performs video production, copyright sales to overseas, exhibition at the festival, A high-end "VFX / CG studio" specializing in visual effects in feature films / commercials is a video production company.We constantly introduce new technologies in a practical way and visualize "reality without discomfort" and "a new world view that has never been seen".

VFX Studio

VFX / CG production department with experienced technology and expressive power.
We are producing VFX / CG in various video fields centering on movies and commercials,
making full use of the joint system of Griot Groove,We are handling numerous high quality images.

Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, ZBrush, mental ray, V-Ray, boujou,
RealFlow, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Nuke, HumeFX, etc

Film VFX Reel

​*Please contact us from the contact form below to obtain the password.

Production Dept./International Sales

We are producing theatrical works and documentary images.

We also coordinate overseas work, copyright sales, and exhibition of film festivals.

Sound Design/Ohno Matsuo


JR Sobu Line · Chuo Line each station "Ichigaya" station 2 minutes on foot

Toei Shinjuku Line · Yurakucho Line · Namboku Line "Ichigaya" Station 4 minutes on foot from Exit 4



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